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Mirror mirror...............

FAIREST by Gail Carson Levine provided a wonderful companion for the packed flight from Houston to Palm Beach where we will vacation this week. It had arrived at the office a few days ago in a cool box with a mirror attached (could it be magical?). I saved it for the plane and am so happy I did as it was the ONLY nice thing about the flight that had the guy in front of me practically in my lap and Natalie beside me handing me things to hold so she could get in and out of her purse.

Aza works with her parents in their inn. By the standards of her community she is, well, not pretty is the kindest way to explain it. A visiting duchess takes her to the palace as her maid. Aza gets the chance to attend the wedding of the King and his new wife Ivi. Ivi takes a shine to Aza and asks her to become her maid in waiting. Aza is happy to oblige as it means land, some money, and a chance to stay in this marvelous castle. However, there is a down side. Ivi has a sharp and unpredictable temper. She discovers that Aza has a hidden talent (she is able to illuse--throw her marvelous singing voice anywhere) and Ivi is pleased to put it to use.

Twists and turns, romances and betrayals, happiness and tragedy: it is all here in this incredible retelling of the Snow White story complete with gnomes, caverns, music, poison, and much more. Levine is a genius in this genre. I adore her PRINCESS TALES and I loved QUEST FOR THE EGG. Her ability to take a well known and loved story and make it unique draws in readers. Her skill with words keeps readers involved in the story. I did not want to put this one down. I know I had to wrench it out of the hands of Natalie and her sister. Hence my blog from vacation so I can pass it along........

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