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I have not had much time the past couple of days to read. Yesterday was taken up with the YALSA Lit Symposium. Rosemary Chance and I did two sessions, one at 8:30 and one at 1:30. Both were well attended and, I think, well received. I got up early today (that extra hour is never one that is a sleeping one for me), had breakfast, and went to listen to some more presentations. Bonnie Kunzel, Di Herald, Diane Monnier, and Simone Elkeles rocked the joint with a terrific session on booktalking. I had heard Bonnie before, but Di and Diane were new voices, ones I enjoyed immensely. Author Simone Elkeles (Perfect Chemistry) was hysterically funny with her rapid fire delivery and her keen understanding of what kids want in books. She showed the trailer for PERFECT CHEMISTRY (check it out on You Tube or at her wen site) and talked about how she went about having these trailers done.

The final session of this Symposium featured Lauren Myracle and Ellen Hopkins. What a grand, glorious way to end the conference. As you know, there is a great deal of censorship happening of late. Myracle and Hopkins spoke about their experiences. Hopkins also mentioned #SpeakLoudly. I handed her the buttons left over from the conference to distribute to others.

Now I am back in the room, mostly packed, boarding pass printed, grading completed. I am ready for some serious relaxation and then food. Fly home in the morning. Eager to see better half, the resident of the back bedroom, and the kitties.

Here is a photo taken in Old Town where Rosemary and I shopped for some presents for our colleagues back home.
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