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nice surprise!

The FedEx guy just dropped off some boxes. Two of them contained PRIZES from Penguin for correctly guessing the author of a book some months ago. Contents: umbrella, snuggie, coffee mug, iPod sleeve, book bag and some other things all with Penguin logos (and a stuffed penguin, a Vladmir Tod bag). SWAG, I gotz it!

I will post pix later.

Now, on to some final picture books.

THE TAKING TREE: A SELFISH PARODY by Shrill Travesty with illustrations by Lucy Ruth Cummins (Simon and Schuster 2010) is sheer snarky perfection. And I reckon that is all I have to say about the topic. Go buy one (or more)! <479>

Michael Rosen and illustrator Kevin Waldron give readers a lovely treat (and a few surprises) in TINY LITTLE FLY (Candlewick Press 2010). A tiny fly lands on various body parts of animals all who attempt to catch him with no success. Look for a fabulous fold out! <480>

THE TORTOISE OR THE HARE by Toni Morrison with illustrations by Joe Cepeda (Simon and Schuster) is not a retelling of the fable. It is a total reimagining of it. Hare and Tortoise are both sort of outcasts: hare because he always wins races and tortoise because he is super smart. Read this book to discover how they can BOTH win the race. <481>
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