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more picture books!

I have loved Jeannie Baker's books for a long time. MIRROR (Candlewick Press 2010) is no exception. How best to describe this book? Open the cover and you will see two books inside: one on the left and one on the right. The book on the left is about a family in Australia. The one on the right is about a family in Morocco, North Africa. Each story centers on a young boy and how he and his family go through a typical day. As the introduction indicates, there are connections between the two families and there are differences as well. After the initial introduction, the book is textless. Baker's realia collages constructed of fabrics and other textures (clay for instance) tell the stories. <477>

POP-UP EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN POP-UP BOOK by Ruth Wickings with paper engineering by Frances Castle (Candlewick Press 2010) is now part of my collection. I have been collecting pop-up books for 30 some years now. I used them with my middle school classes. I have used them with my children's lit classes, too. Mostly, I use them myself. I love the intricacies involved in their creation. This book comes complete with consumable pieces to add to pages and create a pop-up book within this pop-up book. <478>
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