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More picture books

In THE DAY RAY GOT AWAY by Angela Johnson with illustrations by Luke LaMarca (Simon and Schuster), readers will meet big balloons, including one with big dreams of escape. Ray longs to just cut loose and grabs his chance during the parade. <474>

A terrific new holiday book is JEANNETTE CLAUSE SAVES CHRISTMAS by Douglas Rees with illustrations by Oliver Latyk (McElderry books 2010). When Santa is too sick with a cold to take the sleigh out on Christmas Eve, his daughter Jeannette volunteers to take his place. The reindeer manage to escape before Jeannette has completed her mission. Jeannette's solution is one sure to please kids. <475>

MARTHA DOESN'T SHARE by Samantha Berger and Bruce Whatley (Little Brown 2010) is a great companion to classics such as PETER'S CHAIR. Martha is reluctant to share with her baby brother until she discovers that sharing means a more appreciative audience for herself. <476>
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