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airplane+reading time=good combination

I am finally back where I belong: home and at sea level. Last night I slept without struggling to breathe. I loved my time in Colorado, but I simply cannot adjust to the altitude there. Got to the airport early and had time to do some computer work (grading). Finished one book on the plane and had the presence of mind to fire up the iPad and read the adult book I had downloaded this summer. Began reading it and plan to finish it up when I head to Albuquerque this week. Here is the YA from yesterday.

I had the pleasure of meeting Marcus Sedgwick a few years ago at an NCTE conference thanks to Random House. His new book, REVOLVER (Roaring Brook Press 2010), is spell binding, spare, terse, and terrific. Sig lives in an artcic wilderness with his father, stepmother, and sister. As the novel opens, Sig's father has been found, frozen to death, on the ice. His sister and stepmother head into town to find some folks to help with the burial. It is then that Sig comes face to face with evil in the form of a giant bearded man who claims Sig's father owes him gold. How will Sig deal with this intruder? Can he get his hands on his father's old revolver and protect himself? <470>

As I was reading, I was jotting down BOOK LADDER RUNGS and connections:


I also think there are enormous connections to be made to Hemingway and Jack London here.
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