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Some of the participants of the Colorado Language Arts Society left yesterday sporting the lovely SpeakLoudly buttons I brought along. I wish I had more time to talk about the recent spate of challenges with the audience, but as the saying goes, "So many books, so little time." So, I will be satisfied that they left knowing some great new books. I love hearing the intake of breath when I talk about a book that strikes a chord. It happened yesterday a few times. Once was when I talked about ZORA AND ME. What English teacher can resist the idea of students coming face to face with the young Zora in the pages of a book? Or, THE BRAVE ESCAPE OF EDITH WHARTON. I do know my audience. But there were also visceral reactions to ART AND MAX and IT'S A BOOK, too.

If we continue to talk about new books, perhaps this is one way of combating the "exemplar" texts and canon that limit our students' access to books that are not only rigorous texts but also relevant to their lives or that elicit real response from the reader.

I had posted out to Facebook yesterday that I was nervous about the presentation. In part, it was because I just wanted to say DITTO to much of what Carol Jago discussed Friday evening (especially the part about reading texts more than once). But the really disquieting thing was the nightmare I had where people started standing up during my talk and shouting to ban the books I was discussing. I woke shivering. Perhaps it was caused by the knee pain that is still keeping me awake more than asleep. Perhaps it was the altitude (love Denver but can never adjust to the air here). I was aware it was a dream because instead of being in Denver during my presentation, I was in Missouri (and this has nothing to do with the FABULOUS folks I met in Missouri last year when I did 4 day long workshops or the presentations for the Mizzou Library Association as well). Still, it was unsettling.

Now I head back to the airport and home for a couple of days before repacking and flying to the YALSA seminar in Albuquerque. I have almost finished the last book I packed, but there is always the Kindle app on my iPad and, I am sure, a bookstore in the Denver airport.

Don't forget #titletalk tonight at 8 EST with Paul Hankins and Donalyn Miller on Twitter.
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