professornana (professornana) wrote,

on the road and a mile high

I am almost finished with two books, almost but not quite. On the drive to the airport, I was listening to the final hour of MONSTERS OF MEN. On the flight I made it about 3/4 through BONESHAKER. I will post about them as I complete the reading/listening.

For now, I am grabbing a bite of room service and heading down to listen to Carol Jago address the Colorado Language Arts Society meeting tonight.

Although I was reading during the entire flight, it was difficult NOT to notice the news story that kept playing on Direct TV (is this a good thing, BTW, real time news while flying?) about the UPS planes being escorted and about suspicious packages. Not something I want to know about while in mid-air. And one more observation: if you saw an overweight woman visibly limping through the terminal, might you stop the cart and offer her a lift? Apparently, that is not the case for either Houston or Denver airports. Sheesh!
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