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poetry and nonsense

I seem to have missed this nonsense poem by Lewis Caroll somehow in my English studies, so my approach to THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK by Mahendra Singh (Melville House publishers 2010) was fresh. My first thought was that this was almost a Monty Python meets Maurice Sendak meets maybe E Gorey sort of adventure in illustration. The poem reads more like a graphic novel adaptation than it would on a flat page without the incredibly detailed illustrations. I read Singh's afterword for more information about the poem itself and his inspiration for the illustrations. Picking up where the nonsense verses from ALICE left off, this is an interesting examination of the nonsense form/format/genre/category. The illustrations make the reading a tad more understandable (though that may seem an oxymoron for nonsense poetry). <468>
Tags: classic, illustration, nonsense verse, poetry
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