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Spent an hour waiting to see the doctor. Wish the hour had been spent out in the waiting room where the chairs are comfortable and I could have propped up my knee. Instead, I got to spend it on that lovely paper lined table in the back. Thank goodness for the book I took along for the wait. It will become the book for the airplane tomorrow as I head to Denver for the Colorado Language Arts Society conference. Here are the books I read yesterday afternoon and this morning.

Somehow LAFAYETTE AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION by Russell Freedman (Holiday House 2010) seemed a fitting follow up to my reading of FORGE this past weekend. I wanted to know more about this young man who had made only a brief appearance in Laurie Halse Anderson's book. There, the young man (still a teen) made a brief appearance. In Freedman's book, readers will learn much more about the determined young man who came from France to help fight in the war for American independence from the British. Lafayette, despite his youth, was already married (his wife was 14 and he was 16 when they were married). At the tender age of 19 he decided to come fight in America's war. It was a decision that did not find much favor with his in-laws. Other obstacles were encountered when Lafayette arrived in America as well. Freedman brings all of this to life with his careful research and his ability to weave the facts into a very personal story. <468>
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