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I was a trifle apprehensive yesterday when I presented talks on new books to the Humble ISD librarians. Since all of the dis-inviting and the cancellation of their teen book festival, I have vacillated between canceling the presentation and going and talking about nothing but banned books. My rational mind (which is seldom used) took over and I decided for a happy middle ground. I went. I talked about LOADS of books (see previous entry from yesterday for the power point of what I talked about). I included FALLOUT and quite a few other books that have caused raised eyebrows this year. My discussion of IT'S A BOOK opened the door to some censorship remarks. I ended with Ellen Hopkins' stirring :Manifesto," a poem written last year for Banned Books Week. Spontatnweous applause broke out as I finished the poem. I then spoke briefly about SpeakLoudly and offered buttons to anyone that would want one and would wear one.

I spoke to several people after the presentation who thanked me. I have since had follow up messages expressing gratitude that I addressed censorship without pointing fingers and being shrill. There has been some division among the librarians over this matter. I know that the press that resulted has tarred the entire district over the actions of a handful of people, and that is sad. Humble has many fine teachers and librarians including one who is hosting Laurie Halse Anderson next week as she heads for our literature conference on November 6th in Corpus Christi.

Thank you, Humble librarians, for inviting me to speak and for listening to what I had to say. Now it is time to SpeakLoudly. Wear the buttons proudly. Tell the kids why you have them, too. Encourage them to SpeakLoudly as well.

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