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The Legend of Buddy Bush

Sat down on a rainy evening to finish reading this NBA finalist selection. It is an engrossing and engaging read, beautifully crafted. Buddy Bush was an African American man accused falsely of raping a white woman in North Carolina in 1947. Using the bare facts of the story, Moses has woven a wonderful blend of history and family, making Buddy Bush an adopted member of Pattie Mae's family on Rehobeth Road. Through Patti Mae's eyes, readers can watch the events of 1947 unfold as Buddy is accused of attempted rape, thrown in jail, denied bail and a speedy trial. Eventually, Buddy escapes and heads up North in order to survive. Patti Mae, herself heading North after the death of her beloved grandfather, hopes that their paths will cross again. The afterword, explaining the story of the real Buddy Bush, helps set the historical context and allow readers to distinguish between history and story.

Heading out for 2 days of conducting YA seminars in South Carolina and Georgia. Taking plenty of reading material for the plane trip and the interminable airport wait as well. Will be back with more good books shortly.
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