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strolling down memory lane

THE BLACK APPLE'S PAPER DOLL PRIMER by Emily Winfield Martin was a lovely stroll down memory lane to my childhood. My sisters and I happily spent hours cutting out paper dolls and outfits for them. We staged elaborate scenarios and told convoluted stories about their lives as well. We had shoe boxes full of dolls and clothes and accessories. This book is a wonderful compendium of activities involving paper dolls. There are dozens of dolls and lots of lovely outfits for them. The author even includes brief dossiers for each doll. The book is meant to be consumed. However, if that makes you sad, there are instructions for making copies of everything inside and leaving the book intact. I am sending my copy along to a friend who has a granddaughter just the perfect age for this book and an introduction to paper dolls. <465>

P.S. Does anyone else remember Colorforms???
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