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busy day but still time to read

Better half and I headed out early for lunch and much needed grocery shopping. Why is it that he (is it all guys or just mine?) will tell me he went to the store and then when we go together we spend $200? Oh well, lots of good food in the house now and some things to fix quickly when I am gone this weekend and next week on conference business. I head out Friday for Colorado to speak at the Colorado Language Arts Society Saturday. Next week is the YALSA Symposium where my colleague and I will present two sessions. In Albuquerque! If my knee holds, I see a trip to Old Town and perhaps even Santa Fe.

Here are the books I read today:

I think I might have posted about Leonid Gore's WONDERFUL BOOK (Scholastic 2010) in F&G format. However, it bears a return appearance here. A book, abandoned in the woods, becomes a bed for a fox, a table for some mice, and various other utilitarian things for the animals. When a boy appears, he knows just how to use the book most effectively. Seems to me this should resonate with some of us who have been talking much about the future of the book. <463>

Author Rachael Mortimer and illustrator Maddy McClellan give readers a treat visually and orally in SONG FOR A PRINCESS (Scholastic 2010). A princess spends much time in the garden with her friend. They talk about all sorts of things, and a small bird takes their words and uses them to build his nest. When the princess becomes disconsolate after her friend moves away, the other birds of the garden attempt to cheer her up. It is the litle bird, though, by weaving together a sweet song from the words he has collected, who saves the day. <464>
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