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Are we allowed to Speak Loudly? The Supreme Court says...

"Only the school board has ultimate responsibility for what goes on in the classroom, legitimately giving it a say over what teachers may (or may not) teach in the classroom," the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, in Cincinnati, said in its opinion. (this according to Ed Week). Here is a link to the posting:

So, if I am reading this correctly, everything we do in a classroom can be dictated by the school board of our district when it comes to curricular decisions. But is that accurate? I am afraid this ruling is a tad muddied by circumstances including the original suit brought by the teacher and other rulings which examined different facets of the case.

I will admit, though, that I felt an immediate chill as I could well see some districts using this case as a lockdown on what teachers will be permitted to discuss and utilize as materials in those discussions. This is one of the topics of our Standing Committee Against Censorship meeting at NCTE in Orlando in November (and it is an OPEN meeting, so all are welcome).

Add to this ruling the recent article I read about determining a professor's worth by the number of students in her or his classes (tuition funds generated) and the grant monies brought in versus her or his salary and I must admit to giving even more consideration to retirement sooner rather than later.

Given the formula, I still "make" money for the university when you consider that I taught over 100 students this summer (with average 3 hour tuition rate of $1988 and currently have almost 70 students in 3 classes this fall. Wish I could say otherwise, but my salary in no way approaches these figures.

But articles like this one and the recent ruling are indications of the obstacles we face when we try to #SpeakLoudly. I hope those of you coming to NCTE will either go by the Penguin booth or find me and snag a SPEAKLOUDLY button and wear it proudly. But do not stop at simply wearing the slogan, make it a mantra. I will speak loudly. I will speak loudly. I will speak loudly.

And here is the cool button our own Bucky Carter designed for us. I will have a limited supply of those at the conference.

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