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blogging from ALA

Despite the hectic schedule, there has to be time for reading even at ALA. Last night I had the chance to read a couple of the books nominated for Quick Picks. SKIN was an absorbing read. Even though I was exhausted from the day's activities, I stayed up until I completed the reading. SKIN is the story of Donnie and his older sister Karen. Donnie's parents are constantly battling with one another. A skirmish sends Donnie and Karen to the front stoop no matter the weather until the fight is over and they can go back inside. Karen develops anorexia. Donnie and his mother try their best to help her. However, as the novel opens, Donnie comes home to find his sister on the floor unresponsive. This novel of dysfunctional family and its effects on all members takes an interesting twist in telling the story from Donnie's perspective. Too many books that deal with eating disorders are focused on the teen anorexic. Giving readers the chance to see things from Donnie's point of view is interesting and works to make this a book that will be read by both boys and girls, I suspect.

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