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National Day of Writing

Perhaps it is a happy coincidence that today is both National Day of Writing and Spirit Day. Because, really, writing is a part of how we can make certain that "it gets better." It needs to get better not only for our LGBTQ kids, but for all of our kids. And writing may be one of the keys.

As I was reading through the overnight postings to TWITTER this morning, I came across one from Barack Obama (I know he is not the tweeter; someone on staff does this for him) asking for support in fixing our schools. I HAD to write a reply. 140 characters is not much for a reply about "fixing" education, but I did it. I wrote and asked Obama to talk to teachers about what needs "fixing" . I also asked that teachers are given some respect in all of this public debate about what is wrong and how to fix it.

I am sick to death of folks from outside of education telling us how to "fix" it. From John Legend (great singer but I do not know much about your classroom experience, sir) to Bill Gates (I use your computers, but exactly when did you teach school again?) to the superintendents of districts who created and published the manifesto a few weeks ago (again, blaming teachers when you were the folks in charge), there are many voices getting attention. It seems, though, that few of the voices are those of teachers.

And the point of all this? I write so that my voice can be heard. I have written about censorship and banned books a lot of late. I continue to write about the books I am reading and how they might connect to kids. I write notes to the resident of the back bedroom on her Facebook page. I tweet things serious and things silly. There is not a day goes by that I do not write something. To me, this is something as natural as driving a car. An apt analogy, I think, since there was a time when driving was a grand mystery. So was writing, But I practiced driving and writing and slowly they became something natural.

Bottom line: I write so I can SpeakLoudly.
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