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Here is a book the resident of the back bedroom would have loved when she was younger. THE SILVER SECRET, one of the Sassy series, by Sharon Draper (Scholastic 2010) is a slim chapter book about Sassy and her family and friends. No huge crises, just a story about a tween and her friends. When Sassy's class puts on a musical about being more environmentally conscious, Sassy wishes she could be on stage with the singers and dancers. However, her talent is more of the organizational kind; she is named stage manager. Sassy is good at her job, always there with something from her special sparkle sack (part Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse and part Mary Poppin's carpetbag) to do the job. But Sassy has a silver secret that will save the show. <451>

It would be easy to dismiss this book (and some of the reviews have done just that). However, I am a firm believer in the right book at the right time for the right reader. This might very well be one of those books for a tween, a book that will lead her through the series and then on to other Sharon Draper books (and OUT OF MY MIND is a great place to end up after following Draper through the series). This book rings true so many times: Sassy's observations about how run down some of the school is, the way the teacher and the students interact, Sassy's warm family home, her longing for pretty clothes and make up and her admiration tinged with just the slightest envy of the talent of others.
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