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Tony DiTerlizzi Rocks Coulson Tough

I went over to Coulson Tough today to listen to Tony DiTerlizzi speak to the 5th graders and to get copies of THE SEARCH FOR WONDLA signed.

If you recall, I read the book on my iPad with the Kindle app, so I had not really had the chance to explore all of the illustrations before hearing DiTerlizzi speak. Now, I know I will be poring over the illustrations again and again. DiTerlizzi spoke of the influences on this story and its illustrations, telling the kids about archetypes and the like. How I wish I had a tape of the presentation! I did snap a few quick photos of him autographing the books. I also had the chance to sit and visit over lunch (thanks, Marjie P, the wonderful librarians for inviting me!). Wow. Despite the bum knee (see photo below of the leg brace I am supposed to wear more often than I do), it was so worth it to drive over and have a listen to someone whose passion for what he does is evident from the get-go.

Tony autographs my copy of THE SEARCH FOR WONDLA and stamps it property of Royal Museum of Solas.

My glamorous torturous leg brace.
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