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This Saturday, we drove up to Mo Ranch in the Texas Hill Country so I could speak to the New Jersey Writing Project in Texas retreat. I wore my SpeakLoudly button, talked about the latest rash of censorship activity, and concluded my remarks that evening with Ellen Hopkins' brilliant poem, MANIFESTO. Yesterday, I ordered the final batch of buttons for NCTE. I have been busy and am still making certain I SpeakLoudly. Soon, I will announce how anyone can get a button even if they are not going to NCTE (while supplies last, that is). Stay tuned to the various social networks.

Today, I am heading over to a school to hear Tony DiTerlizzi speak to kids and to get some autographs in his newest, THE SEARCH FOR WONDLA. I hope to find some time to read, but I am noticing that my attention span is off due to the bum knee.

What are you doing to SpeakLoudly. Head on over to and let us know.

Catherine Ryan Hyde is doing her part for SpeakLoudly as well. See her blog post here: She is asking for comments, so feel free to enter into the discussion. Is it OK to challenge a book anonymously? What is the responsible thing to do? Ask Risha Mullins if you are not sure of the answer.
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