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More picture books

Dan Yaccarino takes readers on a journey to his ancestors in ALL THE WAY TO AMERICA: THE STORY OF A BIG ITALIAN FAMILY AND A LITTLE SHOVEL (Knopf 2011). Readers can follow Yaccarino's family from Italy to America and see how a little shovel holds stories of many generations. <446>

SNOW RABBIT, SPRING RABBIT: A BOOK OF CHANGING SEASONS by Il Sung Na (Knopf 2011) is a beautiful look at how different animals spend their winters. All is told through the eyes of a young rabbit. <447>

Misunderstandings can lead to awful fights as our two main characters learn in MONKEY & ELEPHANT'S WORST FIGHT EVER by Michael Townsend. Monkey and Elephant continue to escalate their fight until other animals intervene to bring a peaceful halt to the bickering. Of course, it was a battle fought over nothing. <448>

What could possibly go wrong when the Wicked Big Toddlah is separated from his parents on a trip to New York? Kevin Hawkes has the answer in THE WICKED BIG TODDLAH GOES TO NEW YORK (Knopf 2011). <449>
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