professornana (professornana) wrote,

Headed back from the hills...

Spent most of yesterday driving from home to the Hill Country to speak to the gathering if the Nee Jersey Writing Project in Texas fall retreat at Mo Ranch. The better half drove (my usual job) and the resident navigated while I sat sideways in the back seat with my knee elevated. I had a wonderful time seeing old friends, especially Dr. Joyce Carroll and Dr. Eddie Wilson, the directors of e project. Joyce and Eddie had a tremendous influence on me early on in terms of writing.

I had the chance to present for a couple of hours, talking about books that could serve as springboards and mode,s for writing. I used Six Traits elements as mY framework a d showed books that are examples if ideas, organization, etc. At the end I shared with them SpeakLoudly and Ellen Hopkins' "Manifesto" as the closing thought.

We spent the night in San Antonio and will head home soon. I am sure Scout will be waiting in the window impatient to be fed and petted and spoiled.. No new books to report out though I hoe to finish listening to Monsters of Men in the drive home. Despite the bum knee, I am managing to limp along and take care of book business.
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