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Picture book Friday

Special couch edition. Thanks for Scholastic for the HUGE box of books that arrived early today. Here are a few of the picture book gems inside.

Richard Egielski gives readers a visual feast in CAPTAIN SKY BLUE (Scholastic 2010). When Jack receives Captain Sky Blue for Christmas, he knows they will be best friends. One fateful day, Captain heads up in the toy plane. It is struck by lightning sending the Captain on an adventure that takes him far from Jack. How will he return to his friend? <439>

Steven Kellogg brings the words of Ruth Krauss back for another look in AND I LOVE YOU (Scholastic 2010). The poem may be familiar to some readers, byut Kellogg's illustrations brings new life to an old favorite. <440>

SMOOCH YOUR POOCH by Teddy Slater with illustrations by Arthur Howard is an hilarious look at man's best friend. Readers are advised to throw balls, allow their friends to play in mud and, of course, smooch the pooch. <441>

Warren Hanson's words and Jim LaMarche's illustrations are a perfect match oin SEA OF SLEEP (Scholastic 2010), A mother otter holds her baby tight as they bob in gentle waves under the moon and stars in the sea which will bring them sleep. <442>
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