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Had to go up tot he office to fetch the car this morning. Drove it home and now the leg is once more braced and elevated. Couch time means reading time, though, so I am not complaining (much). Here are the two tween books I read yesterday.

EDGAR AND ELLEN GRAPHIC NOVELTY: A COMICS COLLECTION (Aladdin 2010) was a perfect selection for a day when I felt miserable. I love Edgar and Ellen who are part Gory, part Addams family, and part Simpsons while retaining their originality. I think I would love to wander through adventures in striped pajamas myself. This is a collection of various comic escapades imagined by their original creators and a cast of, well, a dozen or so others who add their talents in art and narration. Edgar and Ellen foil the mayor's plan to bilk the town out of bucks at a water park; they pull pranks on the mayor's children. In short, they do what Edgar and Ellen have always done: wreak havoc, bring down the prideful, and snark about. <437>

Kathryn Lasky offers readers an interesting cast of characters in THE DEADLIES: FELIX TAKES THE STAGE (Scholastic 2010). Felix is part of a family of brown recluse spiders. He and his family must relocate from time to time when their existence is uncovered and the exterminators are called. When Felix frightens the conductor of the orchestra, the family must depart their lovely concert hall with their trusted godcat, Fat Cat. They take refuge in a nearly abandoned storefront, hoping to settle down for a while.Short chapters, good humor, interesting adventures: reluctant tweens will love The Deadlies. <438>
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