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not silent, just thinking

I have not posted anything about censorship for the past couple of days. In part that is because I have been attending to some other details (the teaching of my classes, cooking, house remodeling). However, my lack of posting does not mean I have not been thinking about the subject often.

I thought about it yesterday as I was distributing buttons to my colleagues in the department. How nice to see folks who educate school librarians all sporting #SpeakLoudly buttons. I thought about it as I handed 100 buttons to my colleagues to sell at our conference featuring Laurie Halse Anderson the first weekend of November (funds will be donated to our student association for a project). I thought about it as I ordered another 300 buttons for NCTE. Penguin has been in touch to say they want to help us distribute the buttons at their booth. I thought about it today as I received a new design from James "Bucky" Carter which will grace a third set of buttons to be ordered this week. Here is the design:

Mostly, though, I have been thinking beyond buttons to the heart of our fight against censorship. We are all following up on #SpeakLoudly in our different ways. For me, that is making certain that banned books are part and parcel of the presentations I am conducting around Texas and the US over the next couple of months. It means buying banned books and getting them into the hands of those who will share them with teens. It means loaning my copies to colleagues who want to know what all the fuss is about (great convo ion the faculty bathroom the other day from a colleague who is still waiting for the objectionable parts of SPEAK and, in her words, is getting close to the end.

I think each of us has a role to play. What is your role?
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