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ALICE IN WONDERLAND, adapted by Lewis Helfand (Campfire Books 2010) is curiouser and curiouser to quote from the book. It is a graphic novel adaptation of the classic. Using many of the more familiar scenes and quotes, it collapses the original tale into a slim volume with 4 color illustrations. Alice looks a bit like a fairy (poiunted ears and elfin like face), the caterpillar has a decidedly human head and the rabbit appears more menacing than I recalled from my long ago reading of the classic. I have seen other GN adaptations of this story that are a bit more complex and hit closer to the original fantasy elements than this does. However, I wonder if kids, knowing only perhaps a Disney-ized version of the tale, might find this a stepping stone to other variations of the classic? <435>

Plan to do some work on conference presentations that are looming for November. First up is the YALSA Literature Symposium in Albuquerque where my friend and colleague Rosemary Chance and I are chairing presentations on books for Hispanic readers and another one translations in YA literature. Authors and editors will do much of the heavy lifting for these sessions, but we do want to put together lists and power points and agendas. Then, it is on to NCTE in Orlando. Had a brainstorm last night for my new books session and want to see if I can make it work.
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