professornana (professornana) wrote,

more picture books

THUMB LOVE by Elise Primavera (Robin Coerey Books 2010) deals with the perennial problem of the thumb sucker. Lulu loves her thumb and the feeling is mutual. However, when people begin to tell her she is getting too old to suck her thumb and that sucking her thumb will hurt her teeth, Lulu decides she must have a plan to stop sucking her thumb. She develops a 12 step program sure to tickle readers' funny bones. Don't miss the end papers! <433>

PERFECT SOUP by Lisa Moser with illustrations by Ben Mantle (Random House 2010) is a cumulative tale about a small mouse named Murray who wants to make Perfect Soup. Trouble is, Murray is missing a carrot, an important ingredient. Off Murray goes in search of the carrot. He must help many other characters with their tasks before he is able to return with carrot in hand, a carrot what might not make it to the soup pot. Why? Read the book to find out. <434>
Tags: picture books
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