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more from the Big Easy

The Edwards Luncheon was as amazing as I hoped it would be. Jacqueline Woodson got a rocking standing ovation when she went up to receive the award. Her speech was heartfelt, intelligent, comic, poignant, and (no surprise) a work of art. Even though it made me late to my QP meeting, I stayed until the bitter end. Plus............I got to sit in between Walter Dean Myers and his son Christopher. Talk about being tag teamed. Actually, David Lubar told me I was being "ad-Myered" and should not be "Myer-ed" in the conversation. Where was he during lunch when I could have used the snappy comebacks?

The QP meeting was grand. The VOYA Board meeting also grand. Now I am ensconced in the room listening to the thunder outside and happy that tonight is free for me so I can sit here and update the blog and read a few books before getting some much needed beauty sleep. Tomorrow morning is the audio presentation we are doing for ALSC with Tim Ditlow, Arnie Cardillo, Bruce Coville, and Ellen Myrick. Hope to see some folks in the audience. Tough time.

More later...........

I did read ODDER JOBS, a QP nominee. There were a few jobs that were interesting (a designer of underwear that reduces the odor of flatulence for instance) but somehow I do not think kids will find it that riveting.
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