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Picture Book Monday, Fall edition

Here it is, a lovely Monday in October. The sun is beating down outside. Despite our cooler temps of late, I suspect we will make it back into the 90s today. But I am safe inside in the AC, taking some time to read from the ever-growing stack of picture books on my desk.

GIGI IN THE BIG CITY by Charise Mericle Harper (Robin Corey Books 2010) is a movable book (lift flaps, etc.) about Gigi's trip to the big city. There are stores, museums, galleries, and so much more to see. Gigi even has the chance to have a mani/pedi. <430>

I think I might have read this one in F&G, but it is worth a second look in any event. TWO DUMB DUCKS by Maxwell Eaton III (Knopf 2010) has two wonderful wacky ducks in Steve and Carl who have lots of interests. Yet, a flock of gulls continues to call them dumb despite their protestations to the contrary. How Steve and Carol solve their problem is rather unusual. <431>

Aaron Reynolds and David Barneda give readers SNOWBOTS (Knopf 2010), robots who are thrilled to have a day to play outside in the snow until a particularly chilling wind freezes up their parts. Mom and Dad Bot come to the rescue of course. <432>
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