professornana (professornana) wrote,

for fans of fangs

HOURGLASS by Claudia Gray (HarperTeen) is the third in the Evernight series. Bianca, the daughter of two vampires, has fled from Evernight Academy, a boarding school whose primary function is to help vampires transition to contemporary culture, with her boyfriend, Lucas. Lucas is a member of the Black Cross, an organization dedicated to finding and eradicating vampires. Biance takes refuge with Lucas and his companions after Evernight is burned to the ground. She is not safe for long, though, from the leaders of Evernight, from vengeful vampires who want her to become fully vampiric, and from the members of the Black Cross who will discover her identity. <428>

The third book picks up immediately where the last left off and takes readers on an action packed journey through New York and Philly hot in pursuit of vampires and traitors. The stunning conclusion will, no doubt, lead into the next in the series, too. For readers who love all things fanged, tis is certain to be another hit.
Tags: vampires, ya
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