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Schooled in Freedom

I followed a link on Twitter today to a home schooling forum where parents were commenting about the sad state of education and giving thanks that their little darlings were not part of the apparent scheme to corrupt their minds with worthless literature. They argued for the classics, instead. Now, if you are home schooling your kids, fine. Feed them a steady dose of the classics, books that were never intended for children or teens in the first place, books that contain violence and sex and drugs and murder and incest and betrayal and unfaithfulness (and that is just on HAMLET). Seriously, this is your right as a parent. Better yet, work to make schools better. Volunteer. Donate. Participate.

Sorry, got a little snarky there.

There was an equally interesting post from the ACLU about the case before the Supreme Court right now, a first amendment case. How far are we willing to go to protect the right of free speech, especially speech that is hateful and counter to all we hold dear? Tough question for some. Once again, though, if we want our free speech, we need to allow others their right to SpeakLoudly. So, home schooling forums can light up with all of the vitriol they can muster. It makes me insane, but that is their right as well. However, when they come after books and materials with an idea of limiting access for others, well that is not a right or a freedom.

On a wonderfully positive note, the Penguin folks want some of the SpeakLoudly buttons to hand out at their booth at NCTE. So, if you cannot find me, I know you can locate that booth. Supplies are limited (though I think I might need to order some more), so get there early. And wear your button as some of us will be on the prowl looking for photo ops and folks willing to SpeakLoudly for the cameras.

Peace out.

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