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secrets in the ice

FROZEN SECRETS: ANTARCTICA REVEALED by Sally M Walker (Carolhoda 2010) is an absorbinbg look at this little known area of the world, the subject of a grerat many scientific explorations. Antarctica is not exactly a welcoming environ for those who would learn its secrets. Scientists must survive in temperatures hard to even comprehend. Additionally, there is the need to leave as little of a footprint as possible in this wilderness so as not to upset the environment. So, ice core samples are taken carefully with material injected into the hollow immediately to preserve the structure of the ice caps and sheets. Explorations include the ice, the land, and the water all of which pose their own unique dangers and obstacles. Walker's text and the illustrations and photos combine to give readers some real insight into the history of this area and what Antartica can reveal to scientists about climate and our environment as well. <426>
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