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Some have questioned the outpouring of protests on Twitter of late against challenges to books, most notably the recent ones to SPEAK, TWENTY BOY SUMMER, and SLAUGHTER-HOUSE FIVE. I see it as something more than a response to Dr. Scroggins and his rant against anything in which he does not believe or agree. I saw it as a sort of last straw, something added to our already overladen backs. What are the other straws? Ellen Hopkins being dis-invited from her appearance here in Houston; Sherman Alexie being banned; parent objections to THE HUNGER GAMES. I know that this summer I gave several interviews for NCTE about books and reading and choice. One quote made the rounds like wildfire (about GLBTQ books).

Add to these pieces of straw the ones being piled on teachers by everyone out there who knows better than we do how to fix the problems of education: WAITING FOR SUPERMAN, EDUCATION NATION, OPRAH on tenure. It goes one from there. Add to these pieces the ones piled on librarians who are facing cutbacks not only in book budgets but in operating hours and in staffing.

I think that many of us who are now part of SpeakLoudly are tired of letting the straw fall from our backs. We are weary of giving in and giving up and going along. Something touched a responsive chord. And is that not better than having Lindsay Lohan being the trending topic for a change? So, to those who might think this is a tempest in a teapot I say that it was not this one incident that set off the tempest--there is much more to SpeakLoudly than one incident. So, I am packing up the SpeakLoudly buttons into smaller packets so I can distribute some of them in my NCTE bound luggage. In the meantime, there is plenty to SpeakLoudly about between now and November.

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