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another interesting picture book

This past weekend, colleague Rosemary Chance hosted her semi-annual illustrator visit with Emily Arnold McCully. Sadly, I could not be here as I had agreed to speak to Pasadena librarians the same day. However, Rosemary did let me see McCully's newest book. THE SECRET CAVE: DISCOVERING LASCAUX (FSG 2010) is the true story of how some young boys discovered cave paintings in France. When a friend tells the three boys that his dog has found a tunnel they all head off to explore it, of course. What they uncover is one of the great finds of prehistoric art: the cave paintings of Lascaux. McCully's watercolors are a perfect reflection of the cave paintings on one hand and the wonderful impressionist paintings that marked MIRETTE ON THE HIGH WIRE when the boys are above ground. The end papers are maps, and there are other touches that will thrill young would be archaeologists who will marvel at the luck of the boys who made a life-changing discovery. <423>
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