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some new picture books

Lemony Snicket and Maira Kalman team up for 13 WORDS (Harper 2010). Word #1 is bird. Bird is despondent (c'mon, you knew that was coming when you saw the author and illustrator, right?). He perches on a can of mushy peas and is reading Kafka; I don't blame him for his despondency at all. Enter dog who shares a cake and then leaves bird to paint 11 ladders in 10 colors while he searches for the right thing to break bird free from his despondency. This is most definitely a picture book that will appeal to a range of readers (and their parents) as they follow the circuitous path dog takes to the haberdashery and beyond. Quirky characters are perfectly captured by Kalman's illustrations. <420>

THE COW LOVES COOKIES (McElderry Books 2010) for a reason you know. Sure the horse loves hay and the geese love corn, but the Farmer and Cow love cookies. Wonderful rhyming text by Karma Wilson with brilliant illustrations by Marcellus Hall in which words stretch along the geese's necks and move across the page are a perfect duo for reading aloud. Pair with CLICK CLACK MOO: COWS THAT TYPE for some more barnyard fun. <421>

Ian Falconer is back with everyone's favorite, Olivia, in OLIVIA GOES TO VENICE (Atheneum 2010). Olivia and her family travel to Venice and enjoy the gelato and the gondola rides. Of course, there is much more happening than the text relates, all of it captured in the illustrations that combine famous landmarks of Venice with Olivia dressed in striped onesies. Can we ever get enough of this charming and irascible pig? I doubt it. <422>
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