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Barbie, a doll

When Tanya Lee Stone first mentioned she was doing a book on Barbie, she was met with some skepticism. How can you write about something like this cultural item/icon? Barbie, it seemed to me and others, was either revered or hated (count me among the hated group as I could never understand the appeal and di not play much with my own Barbie)? Well, as it turns out, it is possible to write a terrific book about this cover girl in plastic.

THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE BARBIE: A DOLL'S HISTORY AND HER IMPACT ON US (Viking 2010) is a fascinating look at the history of the doll. From her beginnings in the mid of creator Ruth Handler (who with her husband founded Mattel) to her many changes over the years, this is a comprehensive look at Barbie from many angles including consumer and business focus to cultural impact to memories of those who loved or hated Barbie. Quotes are sprinkled throughout the text, sometimes between scalloped edged call out boxes, sometimes in white print again the silhouette of a black handbag. Stone draws her readers into the story behind Barbie and the history of her development. Whether you loved or hated Barbie, you will find Stone's book interesting and entertaining and informational. <419>

Full disclosure: the resident of the back bedroom is one of the teens who sent Stone a quote about her feelings toward Barbie. You can read it on p. 85.

Now, back to Monday office routine: shelve books.
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