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It seems like this has been a long week. Perhaps, in part, that is due to it being BBW (Banned Books Week) and all of the activities that it has involved. I also put in two 12+ hour days at the office and have been trying to fit on other deadline stuff as I can. Later today, I head to south Houston. Tomorrow I speak all day to Pasadena I.S.D. librarians about, wait for it, books and censorship, and reading ladders.

I did take a little time this morning before we heading out to our weekly breakfast at Egg Cetera (love the name and their food) to read two books.

PILOT AND HUXLEY by Dan McGuiness (Scholastic, January 2011) combines elements of THE SIMPSONS, CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, THE HARDY BOYS, and maybe a dash of EMILY THE STRANGE while remaining uniquely wonderful and weird. Best buddies, Pilot and Huxley, are transported to another dimension by the Grim Reaper who has been sent to obtain a video important for their plans for world domination. That is Chapter One. This raucous adventure heads in many crazy directions from there before ending with a nice segue to the second book in this new series. Quick read, lots of humor, and a GN. This one is a can't lose book for young readers (and even some older ones who love the humor). <415>

No cover to show you for the second book coming from Chris Barton (fellow Texan)in April of 2011 from Dial. CAN I SEE YOUR I.D? TRUE STORIES OF FALSE IDENTITIES (illustrations by Chris Hoppe) is a slim nonfiction book that recounts tales of people who have assumed false identities. The reasons are numerous: a young woman passes herself as a white man in oder to escape slavery with the man she loves, also a slave; a young man embezzles money under a false name. There are spies and thieves and con artists. There is also Forrest Carter who wrote about his childhood growing up Native American despite the fact that he had never lived among the tribe and was something of a racist. Quick, short chapters will make this another hit with reluctant readers. <416>

Now to cogitate for a while about the blog posting for #BBW/#SpeakLoudly. And read some more.
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