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It has been a productive day for me at the office. Few interruptions mean work getting done, items checked off the list. Breathing room. Here is the book I began yesterday and finished up a few moments ago.

A.D. NEW ORLEANS AFTER THE DELUGE (Pantheon 2010) is a graphic novel by Josh Neufeld based on blogs, interviews, and other sources from those who either fled from Katrina's raging storms or rode out the worst hurricane to hit the area. Rough, raw, and powerful--these stories are fragmented, just like the lives of those impacted by Katrina and its aftermath. The opening "chapters" are textless as ominous clouds begin to hover over and darken the skies of New Orleans. Gradually, readers meet five families whose lives were forever altered by the storm. Some take shelter on roofs, at the Superdome, in the French Quarter. Others flee and seek shelter in Houston and Baton Rouge and other locales. Their journeys and their return (in some cases) are carefully documented with snapshots into their lives and the hopes that were dashed by the storm. <414>
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