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Confluence, part 2

I actually completed the reading of SINS OF THE FATHERS by Chris Lynch a couple of days ago and just wanted some time to ponder what I would say about it. I had a sneaky feeling as soon as I saw the book that it would be about the scandals that have rocked the Catholic Church of late and I was right on the money. It is a sensitive issue, of course. And it takes someone of Lynch's mastery to be able to present the scandal in the harsh light of day without equivocating. SINS OF THE FATHERS is, in essence, the story of three young men who are friends despite the differences in each of their lives. Somehow, they become connected, and that friendship is the harsh light that Lynch can use to remove the shadows of political correctness from what this is: sexual abuse of kids by people in authority.

Of course, the book is about the PEOPLE and not the subject matter. Lynch has already demonstrated his skill as a novelist (why INEXCUSABLE did not win major awards is a puzzle to me). He creates these male characters who are fleshed out, who have very human fears and foibles, and who ultimately survive when lesser folks would have crashed. Perhaps the subtitle says it all: a novel of three guys, one tribe, of friendship, courage, and cola, of innocence lost or stolen but never, ever surrendered.

Take a chance with Skitz, Drew, and Hector. Travel into the shadows of this dark story that somehow comes into the light at just the last possible moment.

The confluence part: I really think you have to discover that one on your own. I might ruin the books if I let it slip here.

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