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My bookaday was GUYS READ: FUNNY BUSINESS (Walden Pond Press 2010) edited by Jon Scieszka. Stories from luminaries including David Lubar, Jack Gantos, Christopher Paul Curtis, Jeff Kinney, Jon himself and token woman--Kate DiCamillo will delight tween boys (and girls, too). There are stories about warts and farts, vengeful grandfathers and aline invaders, and "manning" up are not only funny but tap into other emotions including poignancy (but no need to tell the guys that). I am a huge fan of story collections as they are perfect fodder for reading aloud and then let me connect kids to longer works by the authors whose stories they loved. Team up with another teacher and read the exchange of letters that form the basis of "Your question for author here" by DiCamillo and Scieszka. <410>

If you have not been to the web site, take some time to visit:

Additionally, some of the guys behind the book produced a terrific video about the book. You can view it here:
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