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Some final picture books for the day. ONE PUP'S UP by Marsha Chall with illustrations by Henry Cole (McElderry 2010) is a romp of a counting book. One puppy wanders away from his mother. Before long, there are two and then three and so on as the pups venture away from Mom and out in the world. After all ten are up and about, it is time to count down, a nice bonus in this concept book that will be a wonderful read aloud with its rhyming text. <408>

Margery Cuyler and Art Howard team up for I REPEAT, DON'T CHEAT (Simon and Schuster 2010). Lizzie and Jessica are best friends, but Lizzie begins to take advantage of Jessica by cheating on her spelling test, asking Jessica for "help" on her poem, and taking supplies when she forgets her own. Lizzie is silent for much of this but, ultimately, loses her temper and tells her teacher about the cheating. The story, set in a kindergarten classroom, examines a thorny issue at a perfect level for children to comprehend. <409>
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