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picture book Monday

I <3 Mo Willems and Trixie and the Knuffle Bunny stories. So I was prepared to love KNUFFLE BUNNY FREE: AN UNEXPECTED DIVERSION (Balzer and Bray 2010). Trixie and her parents depart on a long plane trip to Holland. Trixie manages to leave Knuffle Bunny behind on the airplane. Of course, fans of the previous books know that this situation is not a good one. The story takes a few unexpected twists and turns but all ends (of course) happily. The lovely note to Trixie from her Dad after The End is perfect. <406>

My better half constantly tells me that I will catch cold because I leave the house with wet hair. Now I have proof positive that he is WRONG in DON'T TOUCH THAT TOAD AND OTHER STRANGE THINGS ADULTS TELL YOU (Kids Can Press 2010). Demystifying the myths and providing proof for the sayings that turn out to be true (An elephant never forgets.) will provide lots of fun for tween readers. <407>
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