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A (devil head) Confluence

Completed two books today thanks to the miracle of audio. They have an interesting connection. But then all books seem interconnected to me in some way, shape, or form. One of the things that separates avid readers (like us) from reluctant readers is the ability to see connections between and among texts. I think this accounts, in part, for the fact that books tend to swim together, plots become confused with another book; characters migrate from one story to another. That is a big reason why I blog as faithfully as I can.

OK, on to the books.

Finished listening to KING DORK by Frank Portman. Talk about hilarious! The chapter titles alone are fabulous (and what a neat way to introduce the book to kids by reading some of the titles just out of all context). I love the names of the bands that Chi-mo aka Tom Henderson tries on for size with his friend and fellow band member Sam. One sample: Margaret, It's God. Shut Up! Honestly, the references are too much here. Chi-mo/Tom learns about himself, his dead father, his mother and stepfather, the AP at school who has it out for him, and much much more in this story very reminiscent of Rob Thomas' work. And, is it my imagination, but are more and more YA books tearing into the beloved CATCHER IN THE RYE within the story? It is done here (so very bitingly funny) and in Levithan's THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY. I think I have seen it mentioned in others recently as well.

However, the connection I was making is to the other book I finished. I will blog that one next. In the meantime, read and/or listen to KING DORK.

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