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Pakistan Relief Effort via IBBY

Please Donate to the IBBY Pakistan Relief Effort

Dear Members and Friends of USBBY

The images coming from Pakistan have been tragic. For weeks the country has been experiencing flooding beyond all recent memory. An estimated 20 million people are affected! The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Mun said after his visit to Pakistan that it is the worst disaster he has ever seen and the disaster is far from over!

According to UNICEF, more than 100,000 children left homeless by Pakistan’s floods are in danger of dying because they simply did not have enough to eat. Children already weak from living on too little food in poor rural areas before the floods are fighting to live, as diarrhea, respiratory diseases and malaria attack emaciated bodies.

Aid has been slow to come. What can IBBY do? With financial support, our friends at IBBY Pakistan, who are based at the Alif Laila Book Bus Society, are looking at bibliotherapy projects that can be set up as soon as it is possible to reach the children in need. This section has previously carried out two excellent post-disaster projects. After a massive earthquake in 2005 they built and stocked an outstanding children’s library in the heart of the earthquake region. Later on in 2008 following Benazir Bhutto's assassination, they created a reading and peace-themed poster campaign that was used in public places, such as bus shelters, across the country.

Let us show the people of Pakistan that IBBY really is a worldwide family and that when one of us is suffering so much, the rest of us will do whatever we can to come to their aid.

In January USBBY members and friends contributed over $5,000 to the IBBY Haiti Relief Fund; 10 percent of the total raised by IBBY.
Please donate as generously to the IBBY Pakistan Relief Fund today!

All donations are welcome. You can donate through the IBBY website by using a credit card or by making direct transfers using your bank: follow the following link: IBBY Children in Crisis Fund <> or by donating directly to the IBBY Pakistan Children in Crisis Relief Fund using a credit card donation through PayPal or by check sent to Pakistan Relief Fund, USBBY, Ellis Vance, 5503 N. El Adobe Drive, Fresno, California 93711-2363 USA.
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