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I have been using Speak as a required book in my YA lit class for many years. But never before have I seen such powerful and personal reactions than in class today. When I talked about the efforts to rmove this book and the others (Sherman
Alexie, Sarah Ockler, Kurt Vonnegut, etc.) there was absolute outrage. How can someone tell me how to feel? How can someone take away books that might let readers know they are not alone? There was a great deal of very personal sharing that happened that might never have come to the forefront had it not been for the discussion of #speakloudly. We visited the PABBIS and Common Sense Media websites so that these grad students who want to be school librarians (and in some cases ARE school librarians) could see what they are fighting against.

I now have 15 banned books to give away. I will devise some way of making tough decisions about who gets free books. I want someone who can get the book to lots of readers. If that is you, email me: terilesesne at gmail dot com. Give me a good reason to send you the book qnd please include your snail mail. Do it quickly as I suspect they will all be claimed quickly.

And if you have not been to the new web site:
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