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A Dog's Way Home

Just because I love cats does not mean I do not have a soft spot in my heart for other furry beings such as dogs. Editor Molly ONeill sent me an ARC of A DOG'S WAY HOME. She sent it some time ago. Unfortunately, it was about the same time that I packed away all my books for the remodeling in the house. Yesterday I unearthed it as I shelved books. I threw it into the suitcase and headed south of Houston to teach this weekend.

I picked it up and took it to dinner with me. Well, I was just going to read a little of it. But I got hooked big time from the first chapter. I had to put it down for a while since I was meeting with a student last night, so I told myself that I would read a couple more chapters and then go to bed. I couldn't do it; I could not leave Tam and Abby hanging without knowing how the story would end. So, heart in my throat and eyes full of tears, I read the entire book. It was worth it.

A DOG'S WAY HOME (HarperCollins, February 2011) by Bobbie Pyron (sorry no cover as the final cover has not been revealed) is the story of Abby Whistler who lives in a small town on North Carolina. Abby loves Tam, her sheltie. As the story opens, Abby and Tam have just won first place in an agility contest. On the drive home, an accident causes injuries to Abby and her mother. Tam's crate goes flying out of the back of the truck and lands in a river below the road. Tam manages to escape but does not know where Abby has gone.

Chapters alternate between Abby and her frenetic search for Tam, her desperate pleas to her parents to continue looking, and Tam's equally desperate attempt to survive in a world where winter is fast approaching. Back and forth the story goes with many twists and turns. The suspense is heightened by this switching of point of view. And so, I had to read it to the end to make sure that Abby and Tam will both be OK. <404>

Possible reading ladder rungs:


and for an interesting counter point: NO MORE DEAD DOGS
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