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Still Speaking Loudly for #SpeakLoudly

Despite spending most of my day trying to restore the house to some semblance of order now that most of the interior remodeling is over, I still managed to find time to Speak Loudly. I went to our local bookstore (and, sorry, it is not an indie as we do not have one that is less than 50 miles from here) and bought all of the copies they had of SPEAK and TWENTY BOY SUMMER. As I was checking out, the young lady running the cash register looked at SPEAK and said, "Oh, I read this book when I was younger! I loved it." BTW, she could not have been more than 18 or 19. But she did look at it longingly. I told her it was being banned from some schools and she got was surprised. "But why??" I told her briefly (there were other people behind me in line) and told her I was buying the book to send to teachers whose classrooms needed to have another copy. She smiled and said she thought that was a cool thing to do. While I had her attention, I pointed to the copy of TWENTY BOY SUMMER and suggested she read it, too. I also told her I had taken the last copies from the shelf and would be back when they were restocked.

I have decided that I will continue to Speak Loudly with my wallet, too. Publishers are so kind to send me some books to read and (hopefully) blog. Still, I spend $$$ on books each year, an amount that causes my accountant to ask, "Do you have receipts for all that you say you spent on books?" Yep, I do. Truth is, I spend more than that total he sees because I do not always remember to get receipts at conferences. But, it is still money well spent. And even better spent if I can place some more banned books into the hands of teachers and teens. So, I will take these books and find a way to get them to the classrooms recently stripped of copies. I have another 10 copies of SPEAK coming from Amazon as well. Next trip, I plan to stock up on some titles by Ellen Hopkins to take and give away to the librarians in the district where she was recently univited to appear. I feel the need to get some more copies of Vonnegut, an author whose work perplexed me at first and then later became books I would read again and again just for pleasure. And then some JUMPING OFF SWINGS and ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART TIME INDIAN, too, since they have also come under fire. It is such a fitting way to mark Banned Books Week for 2010.

I was actually able to put books onto the shelves of my new bookcases today. Not all shelves are full and none are double shelved yet. I know that will change as fall and winter and spring books continue to arrive. Right now, they are just a wild variety of colors and shapes and sizes making the stark white of the shelves look like a kaleidoscope. Most are books I have not read (yet) but a couple of shelves hold my autographed books, my old friends. Sigh. All in all, a great day despite being too busy to crack open a book. I plan to retire to my chair now and do just that.
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