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Picture book Tuesday

I postponed the picture book post so I could write more about #SpeakLoudly (though I will most likely make another post today). Here are some new picture books for your pleasure.

I love this cat named Splat. Here is SCAREDY CAT SPLAT (Harper 2010) by Rob Scotton. This time Splat is trying to find the perfect Halloween costume. Things go awry at the class Halloween party, though. Don't worry because it all ends happily. <397>

FRIENDS (MOSTLY) by Barbara Joosse with illustrations by Tomaso Milian (Greenwillow 2010) tells of two children named Henry and Ruby. Most of the time they are close friends. Occasionally, trouble intervenes and feelings are hurt. But the two always return to each other. <398>

Jacob abd Max are also friends in I AM THE DOG by Daniel Pinkwater (Harper 2010). Jacob is the boy and Max is the dog. One night they decide to trade places. Jacob stays home and does his doggie stuff while Max heads off for a day at school. Jack E. Davis' illustrations just add to the fun always present in Pinkwater's books. <399>

Mini Grey offers a new take on Hilaire Belloc's JIM: A CAUTIONARY TALE (Knopf 2010) with pos ups and flaps that bring a new depth to the story of a yong boy who does not heed advice and ends up being eaten by a lion. <400>

Finally, SIDE BY SIDE/LADO A LADO by Monica Brown with illustrations by Joe Cepeda (Rayo 2010) is one of a handful of books about Cesar Chavez and Delores Huerta who worked to establish a union that sought fair wages and working conditions for the migrant farm worker. Many previous biographies and books had ignored the efforts of Huerta who was also instrumental in the movement. Now, in picture book format with text in English and in Spanish, children will learn about this important movement. <401>
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