professornana (professornana) wrote,

No time, no time, no time. I got got got no time

Honestly, I tried to find time to read today. I was up before 3 am. But between working on an upcoming workshop and workmen hammering and such, and traffic to and from a meeting, there just was not time. I did start the forthcoming Rene Saldana novel and hope to finish to tomorrow, though.

I did listen to the better part of an audiobok whilst sitting in traffic today. So, even thoughI was running late, I was at least entertained.

More tomorrow about reading, I promise.

I will note that I am disheartened about the removal of Sherman Alexie's novel due to a parent challeNge. But then I just required 70 grad students to read if for my YA class, so I am doing my oart to keep the book in the hands of those who might share it with kids. Most of my required reading list is on the Banned Books List. Hmmmm.... Coincidence? I think not. Mighty-night.
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