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spreading joy from the air

CANDY BOMBER: THE STORY OF THE BERLIN AIRLIFT'S "CHOCOLATE PILOT" by Michael O. Tunnell (Charlesbridge 2010) is the story of Lt. Gail Halvorson, an American pilot stationed in Berlin following WW II. Like many of his fellow pilots, Halvorson flew planes with food supplies into a city that had been devastated by the war. One day, while touring some of the remains of the city, Halvorson happened upon a group of children. He dug into his pocket and shared with them the only things he had: two sticks of gum. Their evident delight at this gift gave him pause: how could he bring some joy into their lives? Thus, Operation VBittles was born. Halvorson persuaded his fellow servicemen to donate their ration cards to purchase candy which he then dropped via handkerchief parachutes to the children who waited below. Heartwarming what one person managed to envision and execute. This slice of life biography is a perfect example of how one person can make a difference, especially when his friends join in to help. <393>

I managed to read this book before the work began anew on the front porch. Here is what it looks like this morning (largely a pit; we had to remind the resident of the back bedroom to go out the back door). I hope to read some more before setting off on errands, but the noise is a tad distracting.

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